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Shipping & returns

Yeah, that's right, we don't ship. We're a small, local shop and value our neighborhood customers. Shipping stuff halfway across the country means we can't support the product properly if it needs service, so we don't do it.

Come to the shop to pick it up, get to know us and let us make sure you're happy with your product. Or let us do a local delivery, that's good too. We'll deliver within SF for between $25 and $75, depending on location, or anywhere on the BART or Caltrain system, price dependent on how long the trip is and how willing you are to meet us at the station and take delivery over the fare gate.

15% restocking fee. Yes, even if it never leaves the store. We have to pay the CC processor a transaction fee and pull the bike and maybe miss a sale, so let's get this right the first time, if you're worried about fit, etc. come to the shop before you buy.

We want you to have the right bike though, so the restock fee is waived if bike is exchanged for another bike of equal or greater value. Bike must be in original condition as sold with all paper and packaging intact. Additional fee charged for any scratches or wear that reduce resale value. Applies to regularly stocked items only, not special orders.

No returns on special orders. Why? Because we're not going to be able to sell that exotic widget you were so in love with when you put down your deposit and then tried to dump on us. Unless it's cool, and we fall in love with it too. Because yes, we're geeks like that.

Time limit on returns is 30 days from date of purchase.

No returns on locks unless defective. And especially no returns on combo locks if you
"forgot to write down the combination".