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Service and Repairs

We fix bikes. Yes, also ebikes. You'll need to make an appointment, but we can usually accommodate times that are convenient for you.

Dropoff appointments can be made for the day of service between 10 and 11:30 or any time on a prior day.

Email [email protected] or call 415-974-6440 to schedule.

Please remove accessories, locks, etc. and remember to bring your battery key and any other security skewer or other keys needed to work on the bike.

We also now do local pickup and delivery in SF. $25 to $50 depending on location. We're bike based so we need to be able get the rear wheel rolling to haul it back.

Special note about ebike brands we don't carry:
We service Bosch and Shimano ebike systems regardless of bike brand.

For other brands/systems, the minimum charge is $50 and we cannot guarantee success on electronic repairs. We also need you to have contacted the manufacturer to confirm that tech support and technical documentation are available.

Bikes left more than 30 days will be donated to a good cause. You will still owe for the labor. Pick yours up before that happens.